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From Friday 22 January 2021 we will be back up and running for Jumuah inshallah – brothers only. The khutba starts at 12:45pm and


The daily prayers will restart at Fajr 6.45am on Wed 6 Jan InshAllahJumuah prayers will remain closed on 8/1, 15/1 and 22/1 and then

IslamBradford presents The story of Eesa (as). A FREE kids online winter workshop with Sr Madiya Rana on ZOOM.

Thursday 31st December 2020 at 11am for kids 7-10 years old Live Storytime Interactive Quiz Printables PowerPoint presentation Kahoot Quiz Registration limited To register

First Zoom event at IB inshAllah Saturday 26 December with Sh Aqeel Mahmood

First Zoom event at IB coming up inshallah on Saturday 26 December 4:15pm inshallah on Zoom with Sh Aqeel Mahmood from Birmingham. Meeting ID:
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