The first IB Centre was established in April 2004 in a terraced house on 249 Manningham Lane. Due to space limitations, larger events were held at the nearby Carlisle Business Centre on Carlisle Road. As the work of IB became more recognised, the need for a larger base became apparent. The IB Centre on 249 Manningham Lane from 2004-2006

In late 2013, Bradford Council’s Youth Services headquarters on 1 City Road came up for sale. The building was close to the city centre and met all the essential criteria for the new centre. 1 City Road for sale

Refurbishment works at the current centre at 1 City Road in 2015

On 23 July 2006 the centre relocated to new rented premises; the upper floors of a cash & carry on 87 Preston Street. The new, much larger venue helped IB further establish its presence in the community. However,it was clear that a more suitable self-owned venue was required for the organisation’s work to further develop. The IB Centre on 87 Preston Street from 2004-2006

Eid prayers at the IB Centre on 87 Preston Street in 2014

All praise be to Allah, the building was successfully acquired by IB at auction on 25 February 2014 for £300,000. A high profile fundraising campaign enabled IB to raise the full sale price and much of the refurbishment costs in only one month. Site plan showing new centre building and car park

The refurbishment of the building, including significant structural works, took just over one year. All praise by to Allah, the much anticipated opening of the new centre took place on 14 June 2015. The new centre at 1 City Road opened in June 2015

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