Eid in the Park


The Eid in the Park event at Infirmary Fields off Lumb Lane is one of the highlights of the calendar at IB. It is held twice a year, after Ramadan and after Hajj. The open-air Eid prayer for the entire family is not only Sunnah but is also an unforgettable large gathering attracting worshippers from all over the city. It is the biggest Eid in the Park event in Bradford, Alhamdulilah. The event is of course dependant on weather and regular updates are posted on our Facebook page in the lead up to Eid. If the weather does not permit, prayers are held at the centre.

InshAllah we hope to further develop this event to make it an even more joyous event in the future, InshAllah.

The Eid khutba in progress at Infirmary Fields, Bradford

Eid prayer in progress at Infirmary Fields, Bradford

Videos from previous Eid in the Park events:

Eidul Fitr in the Park Bradford 2019

2019 yesterday's drone footage. Reflect on our insignificance and the greatness of Allah and how He brought us together on one plain....

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