Supporting Us Through Your Valued Donations

“Whatever you spend in good, surely Allah knows it well.” Qur’an (2:273)

After depending on the help of Allah, the All-Mighty, IslamBradford depends on the benevolence of its supporters to meet its day to day running costs. Any amount, no matter how seemingly small, is of benefit to our work. If you are unable to support us financially at this moment in time, then all we ask from you is to remember our efforts in your duas. Jazkallahu khairan.

How to Donate

1 -  Bucket collection straight after Jumuah prayers;

2 -  By setting up a regular standing order. Please email us the completed form (found on the right of this page) to [email protected] or bring with you to Jumuah prayer. We are a UK registered charity (charity no. 1154340) and your donation is worth more to us if you complete the Gift Aid declaration (UK tax payers only)..

3 -  By donating via the Just Giving link to the right of this page.

4 -  By direct bank transfer. Please email us if you require a receipt for larger sums.

IslamBradford Bank Details

Name of Beneficiary IslamBradford
Beneficiary’s Bank & Branch Lloyds Bank, 45 Hustlergate, Bradford, BD1 1NT
Sort Code 30-63-55
Account No 7015 3368
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