Eid meal after Asr 5.15pm on the day of Eid inshAllah

Eid meal for singletons/refugees and reverts on the day of Eid, either Fri 21 April or Sat 22 April after Asr 5.15pm.

Last 10 Nights Program & Sadaqatul Fitr £4 per person

Alhamdulilah, as we edge towards the last ten nights, we have finalised our Qiyamul Lail (night prayers) line up. The centre will be open

Ramadan 2023 at IB 2023

The Taraweeh prayers start today at 8pm Wednesday 22 March 2023. Sisters Welcome!*Tarawih Recitors: Imam Fathi Ali, Imam Musab Hayat, Qari Abdul Kareem Karood

Sisters Ramadan Reminders

Every Sundays throughout Ramadan at 1.30pm
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