Ramadan 2023 at IB 2023

Ramadan 2023 at IB 2023

The Taraweeh prayers start today at 8pm Wednesday 22 March 2023. Sisters Welcome!*Tarawih Recitors: Imam Fathi Ali, Imam Musab Hayat, Qari Abdul Kareem Karood & guest qari, Qari Amir Yaqoob (Makkah).*There will be a short reminder based on the verses recited every night by Imam Masood after Witr prayer. The reminder will be posted on t.me/islambradford everyday InshaAllah.* Please park responsibly and bring your own water. Children are welcome to attend as long as supervised.

Our iftar on Saturday 1 April will be open to non-Muslims as well, as part of the national #tasteramadan project. More details to follow inshAllah… #ramadan2023 .

May Allah swt accept from us all. Ameen.

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