Young Speakers Competition

Event to encourage public speaking skills for Boys and Girls in school years 7 to 11. Held on Good Friday (Holiday) 7th April after

The A to Z of Ramadan Conference

Our first joint conference with Al-Huda Masjid! #ramadan2023 at Masjid Al Huda, 119 Legrams Lane, BD7 2AA Saturday 18 March 2023 3:45pm (Asr) to

Seerah Gems by Shaykh Wasim Kempson

Seerah Gems by Shaykh Wasim Kempson ‘The Night Journey’ on Sunday 19th February at 5.30pm (Maghrib) FREE – All Welcome!

Brotherhood from Surah al Hujuraat

Delivered by Ustadh Moazzam Begg -Wed 25 Jan at 7.15pm after Isha All Welcome
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