Sisters Only Workshop – Menopause & Wellbeing

A Holistic Healing for emotional and Physical Health by Ustadha Yasmin Ishaq – Saturday 17 September at 5.15pm (ASR)

Little Companions Restart

Little Companions (IB’s Islamic Studies & Arabic Saturday School) is due to restart, inshallah, on Saturday 17 September. There are still a few places

Visit My Mosque Open Day 2022

Open invitation to our non-muslim friends and neighbours, Sat 3rd September 1pm, Live Prayer Demo, 20 min presentation, vanity address instructions Q&A, and FREE

Ashura Iftaar Mon 8th Aug @ 8.30pm (Short reminder followed by food)

It’s Sunnah to either just fast Ashura (Mon 8 August), or even better, fast Ashura and the day before it or the day after
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