Little Companions Restart

Little Companions (IB’s Islamic Studies & Arabic Saturday School) is due to restart, inshallah, on Saturday 17 September. There are still a few places

Visit My Mosque Open Day 2022

Open invitation to our non-muslim friends and neighbours, Sat 3rd September 1pm, Live Prayer Demo, 20 min presentation, vanity address instructions Q&A, and FREE

Ashura Iftaar Mon 8th Aug @ 8.30pm (Short reminder followed by food)

It’s Sunnah to either just fast Ashura (Mon 8 August), or even better, fast Ashura and the day before it or the day after

‘How to plan for your Future’ by Sh Adnan Abdul Qadir (Kuwait) this Saturday 6th August at 6pm (ASR).

Translated by Dr. Ahsan Hanif
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